women’s interest


Not Everyone Can Say #MeToo

Gender Stereotypes Are Destroying Girl’s And Killing Boy’s


It's A Girl

The Invisible War

The Hunting Ground

Miss Representation

Requiem for the American Dream

Sleeping with the Enemy

 “I’m Sorry Poem”- FreeQuency

Run the World (clean)- Beyoncé

Greatest Love of All- Whitney Houston

Leading Organizations

National Organization for Women

Women’s Environment and Development Organization

Association for Women’s Rights in Development

CNU COurses

Women's and Gender Studies, minor

IDST 255 - Introduction to Women’s & Gender Studies

ENGL 320W - Studies in Women and   

HIST 304 - U.S. Women’s History

HIST 305 - History of Gender and Sexuality in the United States

PHIL 315 - Philosophy of Gender

PHIL 319 - Philosophy of Love and Sexuality