Third Hand


Description: Third Hand is an organization that helps charities and their humanitarian causes. All donations and funds raised by Third Hand will be donated to a charity that will be going to aid third world countries, helping the less fortunate there. You do not need to be a member of the Third Hand Organization to come out and help volunteer at events. Through Third Hand community service hours can be granted in exchanged for volunteering at events and/or from specific donation quantities.  


International Justice Mission


Description: IJM: CNU Campus Chapter works to fight against injustice and oppression in the world, in accordance with the national IJM mission statement to “bring rescue to victims of slavery, sexual exploitation, and other forms of violent oppression” in the following ways: praying for the UJM staff and the victims of injustice, fundraising to support IJM’s work, and participating in activities to spread awareness about human rights abuses. This organization also provides stimulating training for students who want to become justice advocates who are well educated on the principles and work that IJM does. This will effectively allow students to be leaders in their own communities, career paths, etc. while being justice-oriented in their day to day lives. This campus chapter is more than a typical organization on campus, it truly resembles a "hub" where students can use their unique gifts, skills, and dreams to be partnered with the work of justice in the world. To learn how to effectively be a voice for the voiceless.