Service Distinction FAQs

1. How do I enroll in the Service Distinction Program at CNU?

Once you create an account online at, you are automatically enrolled in the Service Distinction Program. You will log your hours into the website so the Center for Community Engagement will be able to track them and determine whether or not you have fulfilled the hours requirement for service distinction.

2. Do hours that I have served from High School count towards my Service Distinction Hours?

No. All hours must be hours logged while attending Christopher Newport University. The Service Distinction and Service Distinction Leader programs each have specific service hour requirements that can only be completed while attending CNU.

3. What are the hour requirements for both Service Distinction and Service Distinction Leader?

For Service Distinction, you must log 140 total service hours into the CNU Engage website. 100 of those hours must be within the Hampton Roads area benefiting a non-CNU community organization(s) and must be within your declared service track. The remaining 40 hours can come from other places such as on-campus work or clubs that support a local non-profit organization, service completed while on home breaks, and even additional hours served in the local community whether it is in your service track or not. For Service Distinction Leader, the same rules apply, but the required amount of hours increases from a total of 140 to a total of 400 hours served, with 250 of those hours being local non-profit work that fits within your chosen service track and 150 addition “flex” hours.

4. What do I have to do in order to graduate with Service Distinction or Service Distinction Leader?

To graduate with Service Distinction or Service Distinction Leader honors, you must first create an account declare the service track you are choosing to follow and attend a program orientation. You must then complete and log your required amount of service hours through the CNU Engage website. You finally must complete a Senior Service Report which includes how you spent your hours or what you did, what you learned from your service site(s), and how you made an impact on your site(s). If you do all of those steps, you will graduate with Service Distinction or Service Distinction Leader honors!

5. I made an error as I was logging my hours. How can I fix it?

If you have made an error when logging your hours, contact Jessica Deal, the Community Engagement Coordinator, at In your email, please indicate which logging entry needs to be corrected, and provide the correct information (date served, location, and number of hours served) so that the entry may be corrected.