Green Team

Email: cnu.greenteam@gmail.com

Description: The mission of the CNU Green Team is to promote social and economic sustainability through an environmental lens on the CNU campus and within the community. Green Team is committed to inspiring a tradition of sustainable practices through education, engagement and empowerment. ~ Live Simply ~


Roots & Shoots

Email: rootsandshoots@cnu.edu

Description: The Roots & Shoots organization was established by Jane Goodall in 1991 in Tanzania.  She, along with 12 Tanzanian students, founded the organization as a way to address local environmental and humanitarian issues.  Since its establishment, Roots and Shoots has blossomed into an international organization spanning over 130 countries and including over 150,000 student members.  The organization is designed to target the world's youth in order to create a generation of compassionate and educated individuals who will strive to protect the earth and promote humanitarian values.  Roots & Shoots is an official program of the Jane Goodall Institute. 


SPCA Club:

Email: courtney.butterworth.16@cnu.edu

Description: The purpose of this club is to foster an awareness of the prevention of cruelty to animals among both students and members of the surrounding community. Additionally, this club strives to implement leadership ideals and a sense of responsibility in each and every one of its members through a high emphasis on community involvement and fundraisers to help those animals in need while fulfilling our own desires for a better world.