community development


"What is Community Development?"
"9 Tried and True Methods for Fighting Back Against Gentrification"
"When 'Gentrification' Isn't About Housing"
Free Online Violence Prevention Training


"What It Takes to Be Racially Literate"
"Why it's Worth Listening to People You Disagree With"
"The Danger of a Single Story"
The Mask You Live In
The Great Debaters
"Talkin' Bout a Revolution" -Tracy Chapman
"Lean on Me" -Bill Withers

CNU Courses

GEOG 308- The Urbanizing World
SOCL 205- Identity, Community, and the Individual
SOCL 316- Racial and Ethnic Relations

Leading Organizations

National League of Cities
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
Right to the City

Clubs at cnu

Circle K International
Difference Makers
Peer Education
Innovative Minds
Alpha Phi Omega